Regina has been teaching yoga since year 2012. As a longtime yoga practitioner, Regina has seen the transformative benefits of yoga for her body and mind in her 20s and 30s. 

Regina is professionally trained as an educator and partners with early childhood schools using a holistic approach for children from age 3 years old. 
She shares yoga and mindfulness in a fun yet therapeutic ways. From as young as 3 years old to elderly at hospice and now including our furry pals, the canine companions.



Sarah is a dedicated freelance Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist. 
the work  schedule of her previous profession allowed for little opportunity to truly immerse herself in yoga which after each session, never fails to make her feel she has done justice to her health, body and mind. 
For this reason, Sarah decided to pursue her passion for yoga and give all her time in nurturing a full-time yoga profession.  She endeavours to infuse a humble tinge of difference into all her yoga-related sessions.




Linda started her yoga practices 6 years ago and found her passion for
Yin Yoga as she had seen the amazing benefits. She loved the “Quiet Practice”, a non-threatening yoga that never have to catch up with poses,
a practice that focus on our connective tissues of the body - the ligaments, joints, bones and fascia. She teaches Kids & Adults Yoga, Stress Release Yoga and WuTao Dance (a therapy dance) and wants to bring fun to teaching yoga and dance to both young and old.


Neha Wasan's journey into yoga started over 8 years ago. she started with Bikram hot yoga classes, moving on to learn and practise different styles of yoga like Sivananada, Asthanga, Iyengar and Yin yoga. she has had the opportunity to practice under some great yoga teachers in more than 3 countries and it was only then she had the desire to teach and get certified. her motto is to never stop learning and to be always humble and warm.


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Iris holds a 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate awarded by True Yoga Singapore which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance. She is passionate about spreading her interest and knowledge in yoga to her students and believes Yoga is not just about asanas( pose). It’s not how deep you can bend but rather how well you can connect your inner self. It’s a life long journey about compassion and self care.



His skills and knowledge are not just restricted to Yoga, but also in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Qigong, Himalayan Singing Bowl, Trigger Point Therapy etc.

Delicate to integrate Yoga, Science, Life wisdom and Mindfulness practices, he hopes to connect one’s body and mind and the ability to find inner peace in oneself. He wants to offer a safe space where everyone can feel fully accepted for who they are.